Friday, 24 October 2014

i was sure by now...

"...that you would have reached down,
and wiped my tears away,
stepped in and saved the day..."

It would appear that i only remember social media as an outlet for the dispensing of prevailing emotional

Today, in addition to the lyrics of the song on replay on my phone (see you tube video),
A few lines i stole from a friend that seem so apt...

"you feel lonely, not when no-one cares about you,
but when the person you expect to care,
doesn't care about you at all"

For some reason, maybe self-aggrandizingly (!) so,
When i saw those lines on his blackberry display message,
I kind of felt like they were directed @ me

I really had been absent for a while,
And fairly, to someone who had become an intrinsic part of my daily routine,
Being ignored for days on end would elicit such a reaction in anyone i imagine.

Good friend that i am though (self-flattering also)
I did make amends and he no longer feels this way
Now, by some sheer twist of fate, it's my turn (regarding someone else of course)

And maybe like my friend's message, that i heard and responded to
That person involved will see this (although probably not as i have no followers!!!)
And respond too...


  1. Miriam, Yes its me24 October 2014 at 22:06

    I have been waiting for your blog, finally a place to read the collection of your thought-provoking use of words! keep it up

    1. looooool...aaaw!...thanks mimi...i REALLY appreciate the support...

  2. same here! been waiting too. Nice Job rondo. Keep it up! muah!!1

    1. thanks ia! :D...thank you very much...mmmtuaaah