Monday, 16 May 2016

MR Rondo!

It is becoming clear to me that the reason for my “writer’s block” these past few weeks has NOT
been due to a lack of material as I erroneously thought. In fact, quite the opposite: TOO MUCH!
The question is…what parts of the material to share (ALL!?...certainly not! …)
Everyone claims they want full disclosure, but most can’t really handle it.
Or are you my readers the select few that can?

And so, the challenge has been in channelling my energies into cohesively conveying to you
(select parts of) current trends in Miss Rondo’s life experiences (so many that they are) …
The result, today’s post. Full disclosure on the other hand is still a work in progress…

So yesterday, I got a BBM message from …wait for itMr Rondo himself!
Now, don’t forget…memory serves us to rmbr that the Mr & Miss Rondo unit no longer exists.
And in fact has not existed for a number of years now  
(longer than the relationship lasted actually). The separation, though painful at the time
was amicable… (at least on Miss Rondo’s part…some things are just not meant to be) …
and both parties have since moved on with their lives.
But today is NOT for that story (I keep posting you, I know…sorry!).

Anyway...Currently, my BBM status message reads “Miss Rondo” …
and he commented on it saying… (and I quote)
“…u and I (meaning he and myself) need to talk about the name Rondo.
U can’t be using it anyhow o. There’s a premium on it now!...”

I laughed of course (both in the text and out loud) …it was funny!
First…Rondo was MY creation. The fact that our temporary association enabled him to
get in on the picture does NOT entitle him to any of the accolades that stem therefrom.
This is NOT biff, simply fact!... I mean, most people who refer to Miss Rondo
aren’t even aware that there ever was a Mr…  Not that it’s their fault…
the title is MISS Rondo after all…which is precisely the point MISS
Number 2: He hadn’t even read the blog as at the time he sent the message…
So what was he complaining about really?
That the term “Rondo” was something we shared exclusively?
and thus not to be used after the demise of our relationship?

Which brings me to the crux of today’s matter…

At the end of any (for the purpose of this blog: mutually exclusive and
significantly partnered) relationship, most people move on with their lives;
more often than not, into another relationship
with the same status and pre-requisites; simply a different partner.
Are they compelled NOT to repeat certain endearments, experiences,
or even emotions with the new partner? Simply because the persons have changed.
Is there a copyright on such things? Does the copyright extend to such tangible items?
Clothes and jewellery exchanged for example?
If you used to refer to your previous partner as “dear”,
do you have to swap to “darling” for the new one?

I don’t have the correct or right answers to these questions
But clearly you guys know what my stance is considering the tone of this post
You can make your own deductions from that as you choose. Meanwhile,
I can’t wait to see what message he’ll send me when he actually goes through my posts.
And for that matter, what happens when this Rondo thing actually blows up
and I start doing talk shows, writing biographies etc… Am I going to need a lawyer?!
(random I know! But I’m all for prophylactic thinking!)
Your guess is as good as mine. Till that time comes tho…
Miss and ONLY MISS Rondo it still is…

P.S… in the meantime, enjoy what’s on constant replay this week…

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