Wednesday, 15 April 2015

what is love worth to you?

Dear reader…First, and foremost, (new or returning)…thank you for taking time out to read my ramblings today…you…yes YOU keep me dedicated (and of course the constant drama I find surrounding me…mostly self-inflicted of course…but let’s not dwell on that

Today's "track of constant replay" Collabo by P-Square ft Don Jazzy is on simply because as I IS on replay . The song is on my aykTOP20 list, (I hate the short form of my name a.y…but for some reason LOVE a.y.k…maybe cos it immediately points to an unusual full name which mine is btw…Ayokanmi …sorry…I really am working on this distraction thing…) 

So I was saying…Collabo is on my top 20 list…1st because the lyrics sound so sincere in comparison  to all the very well-engineered love lyrics we have going around these days the "if i no get money,  i get place to borrow" line gives me goose bumps and...          
Don Jazzy’s delivery of the bridge in many ways exceeded expectations…

All this being said…"back to d mata"

What is love worth to you…?

At over taaati now (yes…the big 3.0)…my perspective has changed about MANY MANY things…we’ll get into all of them as you keep reading, but my focus now is as above.

Once upon a time…love was worthless to me…in fact a liability!...The responsibility of responding to another person’s affection for me was (and I think in truth still IS) extremely tedious. I was brought up to be considerate and polite…but it still is a chore to reciprocate affection in which I did not make the initial overture (and by implication probably do not “feel”)…the worth of love for me is NOT in the other’s declaration or display…it is in the depth of MY AFFECTION 

As such, even were my muse to reject my overture…it would be oddly bearable knowing I did not rely on the other’s display but on the depth of my feeling…which in turn exists whether or not it is reciprocated

But I was young(er)…I’m over taati now. I even find myself envying and even coveting the role of the one receiving the affection (I’ll do my chores of receiving). Because apparently love like faith “without works is dead”…whether in the giving or receiving…

Till I write again…enjoy the song...