Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Mr Bizzard!

If you're reading this blog for the first time, you REALLY should go back a few posts (at least)...
U'll be glad u did, I promise 😉

If you're already a frequent flier on this airline... Welcome...its good to you have you back on board...
Without you...Miss Rondo would simply be  the random musings of a Melancholic Sanguine...
(or is it San-Mel now...i forget...whatever!...you catch the drift)...
Without knowing you (the readers) are out there,

This blog wouldn't be worth as much as the url its written at
(which incidentally cost nothing 😜 )

Anyway...enough of all that...(i'm beginning to spend as many words expressing my gratitude
as i used to my contrition when i was so infrequent with my uploads)...
Suffice to say...i think we've covered all that adequately well...
Wouldn't you agree..?
Good...let's move on shall we...

Meanwhile, for the first time since i started this blog,
I will not be uploading a photo of myself!
Shocking i know!
Thankfully my #CommonSense  far outweighs my vanity,
And it therefore occurred to me that paired beside today's upload,
my picture would seem like the before shot of a makeup session!
So...i'll be posting my photo when there's no daunting competition,
Thank you very much!

In the same vein, we'll keep last post's #ConstantReplay video
(Its not like you guys ever watch them anyway! 😜 )

Today's post!...is going to be very different...
I'm uploading Miss Rondo's 1st personal video!

But a little precursor...

As you are well by now, Miss Rondo loves children
Sadly, she doesn't have any of her own yet!
And usually makes do loving up to her friends' and families' kids that will let her
In the past few months however, she has had the privilege of
(loosely phrased) living with two children
She has...putting it mildly...been having the time of her life!

The following video gives a brief glimpse into what is currently
Miss Rondo: her life and times...ENJOY...!

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