Saturday, 20 September 2014

the life and times of a "RONDO"

my mom once attempted to explain the word "RONDO" to my lil' cousin.(and by little i mean he was under ten @ d time).
He was not a little irritated @ my chosen nickname for him.(his even youger brother was RUNDU - merely a slight variation for the pupose of distinguishing btw d 2 of them when i needed to get their attention).
...neway...back to rondo...
My mom explained the "rondo" was how an elderly person (i.e myself - although i find it laughable that ne1 wld refer to me as matter my age), referred to a younger, usually chubbier person. the term, she further clarified was attributed to cute young boys and girls , and so he should actually consider it a compliment.

My cousin wasnt satisfied with this however,(must have had something to do with the fact that i was snickering in the corner throughout the exchange)...wicked i know
neway...@ this point, u d reader will probably want to know wot a "rondo" is...
first i'll tell u wot it is not
RONDO is NOT a term i reserve only for small or even cute chubby youngsters...
I mean, i used to call my boyfriend (now ex :D) MR RONDO from time to time, and u should see his build and birth certificate...(they both tower over me and mine), which is why i added the "mr" prefix by the way.
i will admit however that it is a term of endearment....or at least to endear a person to the verbal tirade i'm about to assault them with.
its wot i call my sista when i talk to her on the phone...after havin not seen her in a long time(with an expectancy that she's grown
its wot i call my brother when i need to get his attention...he hates d word and so always responds to
Its wot i refer to my colleagues @ work as...when i'm not gettin ahead in a debate or argument(it sidetracks them from the original discussion...their irritation @ being called that, and they dont win d debate)
and finally...
...its how i refer to myself, when deep in thot i try to (and the word of emphasis is "try" deliberate on a course of action, direction or life... life and times of a "RONDO"...

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  1. im guessing, rondo refers to all and sundry that cross parts with..okies..regards rondo