Tuesday, 1 December 2015

all those who were born in November...

...Stand Up, Stand OUT!!!

So; if we are connected on any social media platform,
ure probably aware that my birthday was in the month of November (specifically the 9th)
I'm still receiving presents though. Never mind that we are now in December (barely)...
its the thought that counts :D
and how more thoughtful can a person be than to think of me "out of season"...haha!

ANYWAY...so gifts are very and still welcome
Thank You in advance :)

which brings us to the reason for today's post.. Gift Giving...

It has come to my attention (having recently received some pressies) that many people miss the essence of giving gifts.

Apart from the (very cliched) idea of communicating to a person that they are thought of...gifts SHOULD (as a matter of necessity IMHO) be an expression of the giver's fulfillment of an identified need of the receiver.

In short, if you have to give a gift, identify (preferably by means of covert investigation) something the recipient would love to have or is in need of (that you the giver can afford of course) and bestow. It REALLY is that simple!

If you are not doing that; u might as well just send a text or facebook (i hate those btw) message to convey your "thought"

I can't tell you how many gifts i have received that i have absolutely no use for whatsoever and thus end up giving away simply because the giver did not make an effort to consider that my thoughts about the gift im receiving "count" too!

I hope therefore that as you send in the next (batch of) present(s), i will see some improvement from the quantity, quality (and of course) thoughtfulness of the gift(s) i receive from you :D

till then my lovlies...enjoy my gift...

PS...special shout out to every1 born in November; particularly those of "scorpio" descent
and don't forget...

all those who were born in November...Stand Up Stand OUT!!!

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