Tuesday, 1 December 2015

lately, i've been loosing sleep...

...dreaming of all the things that "i" could be... 

As usual' i'm stealing my entree from lyrics of currently replaying music on my songlist. In this case... "Counting Stars" by One Republic .

but before we get into all that...i wanted to say...
I'm so sorry about my lack of content in the past few (oh okay...more than few) months. It really does seem that angst and melancholy are the elements that fuel this particular "blogging talent?'... And as i've not been experiencing much of both recently (or more correctly put, as i've been channeling the energies therefrom into more "productive" outlets...), this has suffered

So, why am i back now?
Simple...pls revert to the subject of today's post  :P
Angst and Melancholy (of course!)...what else? :D
But its different this time...

My emotions have evolved (or so it seems) to the point where...
I apparently can now feel angst and melancholy in advance without having experienced the accompanying hurt first! All i have to do is become aware that there is a potential of hurt in an existing situation and voila...!

i not only anticipate the hurt, but also go as far as to enact emotional responses for them
waiting for the proverbial second shoe to drop as it were

So that bearing on all the above are the following:

1. As my bestie always tells me...i have no real problems. If i did, i wouldn't have time to manufacture those that don't exist (yet)
2. I have to much time on my hands (which is why i can keep a blog innit?)
3. I have just found my TRUE calling...the art of finding and creating drama from every situation.

Small wonder my life runs like a soap opera with episodes, seasons, drama, angst, melancholy (do i use the last 2 words a bit too much?)...and of course; the lighter...
love, laughter and life

welcome back people to the life and times of a rondo! :D

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